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Sanho - Potent (Hong Kong) Limited, is a formed by Sanho ultrasonic Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Potent ultrasonic engineering equipment Co., Ltd.  founder & shareholders of the Hong Kong side, the joint has the strength of operations in Southeast Asian countries of TRANS-POTENT Company, the new company setup at the end of 2002 . The purpose of Sanho - Potent ( Hong Kong) Limited setup is to inherit the " Sanho " & " Potent " over 20 years of industrial cleaning equipment engage in R & D and manufacturing experience, is to further expand domestic and international markets, is another and the introduction of the first lessons the international community the latest and most advanced industrial cleaning technology, but also to find a solution proposed by the Environmental Protection of the cleaning industry because of the severe demands on us fast. sentence is integrated for 20 years in order to seek the basis of new business and technical breakthroughs. Company is set up so the first

step is a comprehensive and ultrasound acquisition of the original Sanho Ultrasonic Eng ., Ltd. and Shenzhen Potent Engineering Equipment Co.,
Ltd.  intangible assets and tangible assets useful, exclusive of succession and  has two Well-

known brand at home and abroad, 3000 more than the old and new customers, products used in the industrial sector a number of areas, such as ︰ electronic, optical photoelectric, Air space flight, mechanical, automobile motor, watches and jewelry, metal products, chemical fiber, etc. rubber. The second important measure of the Company set up is the beginning of 2003 contributed to the success of Cleanvy Co., Ltd. comprehensive joined to become an important shareholder of the company. As we all know the Cleanvy Co., Ltd. is Japan's industrial technology and market share in both the first business, and is currently cleaning industry in advanced environmental protection technologies and products of carbonation ─ ─ Hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning technology and products into Sanho - Potent, and through Sanho - Potent arrival into China.

Twenty years ago, advanced ultrasonic steam cleaning technology is income into Sanho, production to meet the requirements of high cleaning steam type washing machine product line. The twenty-first century, Sanho - Potent (Hong Kong) Limited is still the creation of a production base in Shenzhen, China ─ ─ TRANS-POTENT MECHANTRONICS (SHENZHEN) LIMITED once again to the most advanced cleaning technology ─ ─ steam cleaning technology and products to the Chinese market to Southeast Asia and around the world, not only the "Sanho and" "Potent" of new contributions to China's industries, as well as the Environmental Protection ─ ─ ods out an important contribution, the current Cleanvy Co., Ltd. to provide technical Hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning equipment for more than 50, in addition to various parts are sold, but also exported to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries.

In future, we will continue to uphold the principles of business integrity, well-orthodoxy to improve our products continuously to meet the development and manufacture of high-tech enterprises at home and abroad all kinds of high-quality cleaning needs, continue to maintain "the only exit door quantities of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine enterprise "feature, open up foreign markets to strengthen and improve export products for international markets to provide more variety, higher quality products. With our excellent products and perfect after-sales service nature, new and old customers return for our trust and support.

We firmly believe that to enter the international market will lead the technical content of our products and product qualities rise.
At the same time, we also continue to improve enterprise management and nature management, must be adhered to in the ISO 9001 quality management system︰2000, based on the quoted domestic and foreign advanced management concepts and methods, through training and upgrading the overall quality of personnel, adherence to the " people-centered "principle, to achieve the purpose of enhancing corporate governance.

We are looking at the world we will certainly make greater achievements.


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