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  Vacuum Pump Performance • Reliability

Our cleaning and drying machines used in the vacuum system is composed of liquid seal vacuum pump and accelerate the combination of pumps, such a combination will enable a higher degree of vacuum tank, exhaust faster and more reliable.

① Fault less, save maintenance expenditure

② High security (pumps filled with solvent, not an explosion)

③ High solvent recovery (vacuum pumps from the tank or dry cleaning tank out of steam and vapor hydrocarbons in the gas-liquid separator tank was cooled condensed recycled.)

④ No dust (vacuum environment, no dust)

  High solvent recovery rate

We use liquid seal vacuum pump means, so that the steam cleaning and vacuum drying generated when hydrocarbon vapor and mist in the gas-liquid separator tank was cooled condensed recycled.

① Solvent recovery rate as high as 98%.

  High security

Our solvent recovery of high concentration of very low gas emission.

① Exhaust gas concentration of 0.1% or less, below the explosive limit concentration of 20%.

  Advanced ultrasound system

The power of ultrasound machines in the experiment can be seen to come out, solvents, strong fluctuations in liquid level. In view of its prime characteristics of carbonization of water, if the ultrasonic wave system options not good, the cleaning effect may be halved. We adopt is optimized for the most advanced ultrasound systems.

① High frequency.

② With an auto-regulating mechanisms. (Based on the number of parts, surface, cleaning the pressure to change the automatically adjusted.)

③ Frequency tuning

④ With electrical control, sweep and other functions.

  Full of safety

Carbonized water washing machine  is our main product, in terms of security we have done, and through many years of production accumulated a great deal of valuable experience.



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